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In 2010 my husband and I moved into our first home in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  We'd been looking for a place for about a year when we came across a little gem on a nondescript street of 50's weatherboards.  With French doors, a lavender path, rose arbour, huge east-facing living room windows and white wood panelling throughout...I was sold even before I walked through the front door.  The French have an expression - coup de foudre - which translated literally means a bolt of lightening.  Figuratively it means "love at first sight", and walking through the front door was a coup de foudre moment for me.

The previous owner, Pearl, had lived in the house for pretty much her entire adult life.  She and her handyman husband had painstakingly and by hand renovated and extended what I imagine would have been a stock standard home into something really unique and truly special.  Call it a positive vibration, call it chi, call it a light and airy home; I'm sure that everyone who walked through those doors would have felt the love that had been poured into the house over decades, in every piece of hand picked French provincial furniture, in every piece of artwork and artefact.  It wasn't just a beautifully styled house, it was a beautiful, warm and elegant home.

I think it was a hard decision for Pearl to sell but as she said, it was just time for her to move on.  The fact that I had told the agent that I loved the d├ęcor and had even asked if I could purchase some of the furniture with the house (Pearl politely declined to my disappointment) was one of the deciding factors in coming in with the winning bid.  Pearl told me afterwards that she sold to us because she felt that I understood the aesthetic of the house and wasn't going to change it to something unrecognisable.  I was touched that she saw us as caretakers in a way of something that had been so lovingly created.

Here we are...three years, one yellow lab and a baby later...making this house our own.  Thanks for joining us for the ride.

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