Sunday, 26 May 2013

Playroom Pom Poms

We are really fortunate to have something close to a second living area in our house.  I say something close to because the space comprises the former bathroom and laundry in the original house before it was extended 25 years ago.  Until recently we have had no real use for it because it is too long and narrow for anything other than a dining table, and we already have a separate meals area.  I've always wanted to turn this awkward space into the perfect playroom and so far it's shaping up nicely.  It's still a work in progress so no photos just yet but I wanted to share the paper pom poms I've made to hang from the ceiling.

These paper poms are so pretty and versatile they are perfect for weddings and parties too. I'm planning to use these for my daughter's first birthday!  This is my take on the Martha Stewart tutorial which I have tweaked a little for my convenience (and yours too!)

To make a large pom pom I use 10 sheets of gift wrap tissue paper measuring 50 x 75 cm (20 x 30 in).  The size pictured here is small which is made from 10 sheets measuring 50 x 37.5 cm (20 x 15 in) and for this I just cut five full size sheets in half.

I chose fishing line to give the pom poms that beautiful floating effect, but you could use ribbon or twine instead.

1. Line up the tissue sheets and fold accordion-style along the shorter length of the paper.  Each fold is roughly 2 cm wide (3/4 in).

2. Once folded, staple the centre through all the folds.

3. Round out the edges with the scissors. For a pom that looks like the purple one above, cut the edges in a pointed rather than round shape.

4.  Fan out both sides.

5.  Tie the fishing line in the centre and cut it to the required length.

6.  Gently pull up one layer at a time. Once you've pulled up five layers, turn the pom pom over and pull the other five layers up.

Six easy steps later!

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

"Chic magnet"

So here's a very easy way to make your fridge magnets a little more interesting.  This must be the easiest craft project in history but I like easy projects...we're all busy right?  This will take about five minutes and you can do it in front of the TV (I made these while watching Mad Men last week!)

I love pretty paper, especially Japanese or embossed, but even some good quality wrapping paper will do.

You can get these little fridge magnets at the craft store.  If you can't find the self-adhesive variety just use some double-sided tape.  If you want a larger size you could get a magnet sheet (often used for car bumper stickers) and cut it to size.  Once you've attached your magnet, simply trim the paper to size.

Easy as!
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