Saturday, 26 October 2013

Babushka Mini Cakes

When I started out I promised myself no food posts on the blog.  And certainly not baking, which for me is up there with mopping and ironing as one of my least favourite activities.

Having said that, I decided to do this post anyway because of the enormous amount of feedback I got for these mini babushka cakes I made for my daughter's first birthday.  They were actually pretty easy and a lot of fun to make.  While these are my own creation, I modified the method used to make cake pops to make these (and made some cake pops post!).

1. The first step is to bake a chocolate cake, let it cool, and then crush it with your hands until it's a fairly fine powder.  Cake pop recipes actually recommend using cake mix, and who am I to argue so I did too.

2. Secondly, add frosting into the mix (also store bought in my case) until you are able to sculpt the mixture into babushka shapes (but be careful not to add too much or it will be too soft and unworkable).  Keep your babushkas in the fridge overnight to firm.

3. I melted white chocolate buttons in a double boiler and added a little bit of red dye in powder form to get a pastel pink colour. I poured the melted chocolate into a coffee mug and then dipped the bases of the babushkas up to the neck in pink chocolate. Once dipped, I just continued to hold the babushka to let the chocolate harden a little before setting down on some foil.

Once all the babushkas were dipped, I repeated the melting process with pre-dyed red chocolate buttons in a double-boiler. I did have to add more red dye to get the intensity I wanted. I then poured the red chocolate into a mug and dipped the babushka heads in the red chocolate until they overlapped with the pink bases.

4. I rolled out some white fondant, and used round and wavy cookie cutters to cut out aprons and faces.  I embellished the aprons with a monogram wax seal (which we used for our wedding invitations) and used the blunt end of a match to make the little holes for a lace effect.

5.  Using a gourmet writer I drew the face and used a cotton tip dabbed in red liquid food colour for the cheeks.  For the lips I used a toothpick dipped in red gel dye.  I then stuck the faces and aprons on the babushkas using warm jam.

Even for a non-baker, these were an absolute joy to make! And yes, they tasted amazing!

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