Sunday, 25 August 2013

Random Acts of Decorating #1

I recently acquired a beautiful hi-gloss white buffet from my father to store my dinnerware.  I've tucked it behind my couch, but being a modern piece it has a black glass-covered top that is visible over the top of my sofa. And that bugged me a bit because that sort of incongruity always does.  So I collected a few things that I have run out of space to display or store, a lot of them gifts, and just chucked them together on the buffet top - and it actually sort of works!

Red and black have become the dominant colours in my living room, not by design but because I think I've been taking subconscious cues from the Steinlen poster on the mantle that I've had since university.  They are both really strong colours so the challenge is to find a way to harmonise them in a way that is subtle and doesn't overpower the room.

I've done that firstly with the cushion colours and with the runner I used to cover the black glass on the buffet. It's from Laos and I've had it in a drawer all these years, unsure of where it fit because the house has such a European aesthetic.

A way in which I've kept the red and black combination toned down is to emphasise white, which in turn lightens the room.  The white lettering "UV & Co" used to sit on the mantle but it's now so much more visible on the buffet and a nice focal point for the room (my husband's and my initials, in case you were wondering), reinforced by the white orchid (a good-quality fake, because I'm an orchid killer unfortunately) and the tealight candle holder.

I threw in the vintage photo of an Indian dancer from this lovely blog and the candles from my Candle Makeover to tick the vintage boxes, and a gorgeous glass tea set from my brother which, er, didn't fit in my cupboard but also mirrors the glass on the steamer trunk coffee table.

So although it was a random collection of objects, it actually ended up tying together everything that's going on in my living room nicely!

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