Monday, 19 August 2013

Handmade Cards 101

I've been hand making all my cards lately and experimenting with a few different styles.  These three are my favourite and I wanted to share!  All are made with the same combination of metallic gold paper and some beautiful Japanese paper.


Step 1 - Cut the two papers into strips
Step 2 - On some gold backing card, place some double-sided tape along the top edge.  Leave some space along the side for some more tape
Step 3 - Stick down all the of the gold strips along the top edge of the backing
Step 4 - Stick some double tape down the side of the backing card
Step 5 - Stick the Japanese paper strips down and weave them in between the gold strips

After weaving all the strips through, I stuck the result to a folded piece of gold card with a window cut out of the front.


Step 1 - Make a card out of gold paper and stick some patterned paper on the edge that is about a third of the width of the card
Step 2 - Using my paper pom pom tutorial, I created a mini version of those pom poms using baking paper (wax paper) instead of tissue paper.  It's a little harder to work with but firmer than the tissue.  I pulled half the sheets upwards and left the other half flat to create the flower shape.  In the centre I glued a strip of twine wrapped in a circle to hide the staple and make it look more like a flowe.


Step 1 - Grab the smallest version of my free quatrefoil stencils.  I printed the image on a piece of card, cut it and have been using it as a stencil but it the image could be transferred directly from printer paper by tracing over it and creating an impression on the card or using carbon paper
Step 2 - Once the image is transferred or traced, cut it out using an Xacto knife
Step 3 - Stick a square of Japanese paper to gold backing paper and stick it behind the quatrefoil lattice

I'm hooked on hand made cards now! Hope you enjoy giving these a go.

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