Wednesday, 14 August 2013

DIY Candle Makeover

This is one of my all time favourite posts because it brought out my inner law nerd! Have a close look at the text on the candle that I madeover.  That's's a Hansard excerpt, or in other words, a transcript of Parliamentary proceedings.  And it was just so easy! I have to credit this video for the idea.

My only significant investment was a heat gun which I bought from the scrapbooking section of Kmart (pictured above) for $35.

Step 1 : Grab a pillar candle.

Step 2 : And some printed tissue paper.  I found this awesome Hansard gift wrap tissue at Typo. It's apparently easy to print any image on white gift wrap tissue using your home printer (by running the tissue paper through stuck on a piece of card or wrapped around printer paper) but my Epson Stylus did NOT like my attempts to do so unfortunately.

Step 3 : Cut the tissue to size and wrap it around the candle.  The paper needs to be cut so that the width is slightly smaller than that of the candle, and so that the ends of the paper don't overlap when wrapped around.

Step 4: Turn on the heat gun and work your way around the candle.  As the wax melts it seeps through the tissue and effectively 'seals' the print onto the candle.  You might be able to make that out in the photo.  The paper disappears into the candle wax and only the print is visible.  So frickin' cool!

Don't get too close to the candle with the gun because if the wax melts too fast it starts to bubble and pool under the paper.

LOVE the result!

Apparently these candles are OK to burn but I'm not sure I would recommend that....I think they're too pretty anyway!

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  1. This is just too awesome. ..

  2. This is just too awesome..