Monday, 29 July 2013

Monogram Mirror

This is a great little project to create a personalised wedding or engagement gift for a couple - a monogrammed mirror.

I started with a Kaisercraft mirror with an unpainted wooden frame and used Vitrea 160 glass paint (Emerald).

1. I first created the monogram in a font that I liked and printed it out.
2 & 3. I considered creating a stencil from the monogram but instead just cut it out, blutak-ed it to the mirror and traced around the lettering with a Sharpie - so quick and easy!
4 & 5. I then painted the lettering using the glass paint.  I didn't buy the glass paint marker pen but I think it probably would have been great to get the outline nice and precise.  I had to use a toothpick instead!
6. Lastly, I gave the plain frame a quick spray with white spray paint.

I just found out that my friends loved this gift...phew! It is a little nerve-wracking hand making gifts but also a great payoff when the effort is appreciated.

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