Monday, 24 June 2013

Easy puppet theatre

I was really wanting to make a puppet theatre for my daughter but everything online involved woodworking which I equally wanted to avoid. I was flying by the seat of my pants a little but I came up with a really simple puppet theatre that I am pretty pleased with.  The one above is actually made from the box that the cot came in and the raised lettering is made with the Styrofoam sheeting that was in the box!

Too many things on the list so no photographs this time!

Step 1 : I first covered each panel of cardboard with wrapping paper by double-taping it. Using craft glue, I stuck down some craft ribbon where the two different papers met. If you want to be able to fold the theatre make sure your side panels are not as wide as the central panel.

Step 2 : I cut out a square window in the central panel using the boxcutter. I then dressed the window with "curtains" cut out from the coloured corrugated card by simply double taping.

Step 3 : I stuck chalkboard signs on both of the sign panels cut out from a roll of chalkboard (see here for more details) reading "Now Showing" and "Starring".  This is great because those details can be changed and erased depending on the "production".  I also cut out some lettering from the Styrofoam sheeting using a boxcutter, which I then covered in wrapping paper using double-sided tape on the face of the lettering (because glue was warping the paper) and craft glue on the sides (because double-sided tape was too fiddly for the sides). I then attached the lettering using craft glue to the panels. I only did this for "Babushka", "Theatre" was just cut out of wrapping paper and stuck onto the panel directly without Styrofoam.

Step 4 : Using craft glue, I stuck a piece of fabric at the back of the central panel window to use as a second "curtain" or as a "night" backdrop. I also added a few little wall stickers I had left over from the nursery as extra embellishments.

The final step was to hinge the panels together using three squares of rubber matting (the kind you get in a roll and use to protect your shelves) and cellotape on either side of the central panel.

And that's it! The raised lettering took a while to do so if you didn't attempt that then this is a project that could easily be knocked over in an afternoon.

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